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CHIAL ® ChinTao Life Science

To reconnect to the timeless, natural wisdoms of healthy living, and happiness!

God - Chial Ltd.

.G.O.D. is the vital energy, the air, the power of life.

100% natural food supplement(no addictives or bulking agents, gluten free)

.G.O.D. is a unique combination of superior herbs, with as focus the 4 most important contributions for a balanced body, mind and soul.

The perfect equilibrium for a healthy life !
- Circulation (Circulation Is The Key To A Healthy Body)
- Immunity system (live strong, healthy, vibrant, energetic live)
- Body stress release (99% of all disease is caused by stress)
- Happiness (Happiness is the best medicine )

(each pack contains 100 capsules)

Ingredients : Lingzhi, Tienchi, Mucuma Pruriens, Prickly- leaved Elephant Foot, Cacao, Guarana , Siberian Ginseng , Pumpkin seeds , Zinc, fireweed, saw palmetto, Vitamin C, +

.G.O.D. formula helps maintain high energy levels for long periods, increases focus & alertness.

Helps suppress appetite and increase metabolic rate. Reduces the physical effects of stress. Reduces fluid retention. Aids hangover recovery and detoxifies the blood and combats premature aging .

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